Podcast Episode 3: What goes around, is better for all.

The Impact Series with Sacha McNeil

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When you team an innate entrepreneurial flair with a massive existential challenge, expect phenomenal game-changing results. Louise Nash is someone who’s landed in exactly the right place at the right time – but it is by no coincidence. Her collaborative nature, clear foresight and strong determination has led her to develop a circular transformation agency that’s hell bent on supporting businesses to radically redesign themselves for a resilient and regenerative future. Sacha caught up with Louise to learn more about what drove her to change the course of her very successful strategic communications career to one that’s focused on positive social and environmental impact, for all.

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Interview by Sacha McNeil, supporting content and project management by Anna Reid, Kate Bruce and Rhian Bedford-Palmer from Tech Futures Lab.  Vision and sound by Braam Compton and Bernadette Weitsz from Compton Creative, and graphic visuals by Megan Ying.

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