Podcast Episode 4: How technology can solve real human issues.

The Impact Series with Sacha McNeil

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Sometimes there’s things that happen in your life that make such an impression, you’re driven to do something about it. That’s what happened to Josh Hobbs who took inspiration from a tragic event and funnelled that experience into creating a solution to help keep New Zealanders safer. And in doing so, he’s created a whole new job for himself. Sacha caught up with Josh over a Zoom call to learn more about his journey from technology enthusiast to technology innovator.

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Production credits: 
Interview by Sacha McNeil, supporting content and project management by Anna Reid, Kate Bruce and Rhian Bedford-Palmer from Tech Futures Lab.  Vision and sound by Braam Compton and Bernadette Weitsz from Compton Creative, and graphic visuals by Megan Ying.

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