Amplify your impact with new knowledge and skills

Our brand new Impact Scholarship is now available.

We make it no secret that The Mind Lab and Tech Futures Lab are dedicated to creating impactful futures. We’re so invested in making that happen that we design our programmes specifically to focus on building skills and new knowledge in the most impactful and intersectional areas of our futures: people, sustainability and technology. 

Now, we’re taking it further with the launch of our new Impact Scholarship

We want to arm the impact-makers of our time with the know-how and confidence to leverage emerging disruptive technologies, contemporary education, economic and change frameworks and (perhaps most importantly) critical thinking strategies that will maximise reach, engagement and effectiveness of impact-led projects and organisations.

“This scholarship is for anyone working in industries or roles where impact is the main focus” 

Frances Valintine, Founder and CEO of The Mind Lab and Tech Futures Lab.

There are so many opportunities for positive change in our world today. And there’s a plethora of new tools and leading-edge knowledge that can be put to use in amplifying how that change is made. 

Whether you’re in industry, government, community organisations, iwi or just going it alone and you’re working on a project that has real potential to make a positive impact for people, society or our planet, this scholarship is for you.

The Impact Scholarship covers 50% of tuition fees across The Mind Lab and Tech Futures Lab leading edge postgraduate programmes*. That extra help with the investment in new knowledge and skills can free you up to put your energy and funds into the purpose you’re following. You’ll also become part of a community of like-minded individuals and make connections across Aotearoa New Zealand. 

We know there are loads of you out there, pushing for change, rallying for better futures, speaking up for the 99%. Your passion and dedication have led you this far. If you’ve set your sights set on making change, leading a shift, disrupting the status quo or regenerating a system, we have learning pathways to help you achieve your goals.

With our Impact Scholarship, we want to help you go all the way.

* The Impact Scholarship does not cover fees for the Tech Futures Lab Organisational Agility Micro-credential.

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