About us

We’re New Zealand’s most innovative, transformative learning environment where people come to find their edge in a rapidly changing world.

Our postgraduate programmes, short courses and innovation workshops are designed specifically for the new world of work. We don’t rely on outdated textbooks or traditional academia models. We teach context, not content and are focused on enhancing the skills and capabilities of all our learners to then take into the ‘real world’ and embed into their workplaces, organisations and communities.

Our vision
Our vision is to create impactful futures by aligning digital skills and capabilities with the demands of the contemporary world.
Our mission
Our mission is to lead New Zealand education, to share knowledge, to collaborate, and to build partnerships in order to achieve sustainable, impactful change.
Key objectives
Our key objectives are to increase access to education, build confidence, identify skills gaps, develop 21st century capability and challenge outdated legacy education practices.

Our story

Tech Futures Lab was the brainchild of education disruptor and innovator Frances Valintine who, back in 2016, could see New Zealand businesses and professionals lacked the learning pathways and opportunities to develop the critical skills needed in the ‘future of work’. She gathered a team of industry experts, academic rebels and big thinkers around her to develop the first innovation-focused Master’s programme for Aotearoa – Master of Technological Futures. The ethos was (and still is) to teach context, not content. Our learning approach strives to embed critical thinking skills and innovation mindsets, to create novel solutions that are led by purpose and values yet answer real-world challenges.

Since that first cohort started in 2017, we’ve seen the most incredible innovative, transformative ideas born. Some have become start ups, some have shifted the direction of an organisation, some are reaching leaders on the global stage.

Today, our suite of postgraduate programmes have evolved to work in with busy lives and the rapid pace of technological change. We offer micro-credentials and postgraduate certificates that are all perfect on their own to support professionals supercharge their knowledge, but also can stack together towards a Master’s degree.

Tech Futures Lab is the catalyst that makes it possible for New Zealanders to lead positive change, for themselves and the wider world.

A division of The Mind Lab

Tech Futures Lab is part of The Mind Lab, a NZQA-registered Tertiary Education Organisation under the provisions of the Education Act 1989. Tech Futures Lab postgraduate candidates are enrolled with The Mind Lab which is approved by NZQA to award a range of programmes and micro-credentials. Click here to access our 2022 Academic Calendar for all programmes across The Mind Lab and Tech Futures Lab.

Our space

Our team

The Tech Futures Lab team is genuinely passionate about learning, teaching and the future. We are a network of approachable, humble, supportive and open-minded people who look at the world from a different angle.

Tech Futures Lab Board

Frances Valintine
Founder & CEO
Jonathan Lim
Nic Kennedy
Rob Lee

Advisory Board

Priti Ambani
Advisory Group Member
Paul Cameron
Advisory Group Member
Maru Nihoniho
Advisory Group Member
Kendra Ross
Advisory Group Member
Marcus Williams
Advisory Group Member

For Business

Jade Tang-Taylor
Innovation Director
Nagaja Sanatkumar
Innovation Advisor
Saskia Verraes
Innovation Advisor

Programme Team

Fiona Pond
Programmes Lead
Yuka Gray
Programme Manager
Jade Tang-Taylor
Innovation Director
Anzel Singh
Innovation Coordinator
David Parsons
Programme Lead - Understanding Software Development Tools and Processes
Sarah Mwashomah
Programme Co-ordinator
Talita Hope
Programme Coordinator & Portal Administrator

Master's Advisors

Paula Gair
Master's Advisor
Nikhil Ambani
Master's Advisor
Roy Davies
Mixed Reality and Calm Computing
Guillem Goodway
Master's Advisor
Sylvia Hach
Master's Supervisor/Advisor
Vivek Kumar
Master's Advisor
Felix Scholz
Lisa Traill
Master's Advisor
Mahsa Mohaghegh
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Megan Rorich
Master's Advisor
Sarah Codling
Master's Innovation Advisor


Kriv Naicker
Innovation Advisor
Talita Hope
Programme Coordinator & Portal Administrator
Anzel Singh
Innovation Coordinator
Craig Hilton
Academic Advisor
David Parsons
Programme Lead - Understanding Software Development Tools and Processes
Evey Burilin
Programme Lead - Entrepreneurship Micro-credential

Student Experience Team

Fuatino Peilua
Director of Studies
Shruti Patil
Student Experience Manager
Eugenia Lytvyn
Student Experience Manager
Talita Hope
Programme Coordinator & Portal Administrator
Judy Christie
Communities Manager

Marketing Team

Tessa Tripp
Marketing Director
Nicolas Porras
Digital Marketing Lead
Britta Sisam-Jones
Brand & Communications Manager (Maternity Leave)
Jana Prentice
Assistant Marketing Manager
Marcelle Domingo
Marketing and Engagement Executive
Anna Reid
Nicola Stallard
Production Manager
Quin Thomas
Marekting Operations Coordinator
Olivia Reed
Video Production Assistant
Bella Lloyd
Marketing Coordinator
Megan Bruère
Outreach Manager

Support Team

Craig Hilton
Academic Advisor
Hayley Sparks
Academic Director
Kellianne Apted
Academic Administrator
Sandy Taylor
Financial Controller
Te Mihinga Komene
Pou Ārahi
Huw Jones
Pou Āwhina
Dane Tumahai
Cultural Advisor, Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei
Pāora Puru
Cultural Advisor
Fiona (Fee) Webby
General Manager
Andrew Dent
Chief Technology Officer
Juampa Proverbio
Head of Engineering
Ankit Sachdeva
Digital Project Manager
Makini Calliste-Woollard
Salesforce Product Owner
Frank Li
Chief Data Officer
Sophie Zou
Graduate Data Scientist
Melissa Fincham
Office Manager & Executive Team Assistant

Industry Advisors

Christelle Blanchet-Aissaoui
Master's Industry Advisor
Priti Ambani
Advisory Group Member
Roy Davies
Mixed Reality and Calm Computing
Justin Durocher
Innovation Advisor
Alisa Edwards
Salesforce Consultant
John Graves
Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
Chris Hails
Cyber Security Advisor
Dr. Tresna Hunt
Co-founder, Director of The Institute for Social Sustainability and Programme Designer
Melissa Jenner
Human Innovation Specialist
Brenda Leeuwenberg
Digital Strategist Advisor
Simon Martin
IP and Technology Law
John McDermott
IoT Advisor
Mahsa Mohaghegh
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Michael Moka
Māori Values and Leadership Inclusion
Kriv Naicker
Innovation Advisor
Brett Oetgen
Co-founder, Director of The Institute for Social Sustainability and Course Facilitator
Russell Pickering
David Pratt
Small Business Accounting Advisor
Rich Rowley
Innovation Advisor
Felix Scholz
Nathan Soich
Peter Swanson
People, Culture and Organisational Design Expert
Melissa Wragge
Business Redesign, Innovation and Marketing Expert
Vadim Traenkle
Industry Advisor

Our founder: Frances Valintine CNZM

Frances Valintine CNZM is dedicated to pushing Aotearoa ahead as a global leader in innovation to build a stronger, more resilient future for all New Zealanders. A leader in her own right as an innovator, emerging technologies futurist and disruptor of traditional education, Frances founded Tech Futures Lab in 2016 to foster the capabilities and skills needed to develop a culture of innovation and agility critical to NZ businesses and individuals to thrive in this fast-paced technological advancement era. 

Prior to this, in 2013 Frances founded The Mind Lab to empower students and educators to develop applied digital knowledge and capability.

Over the past 8 years across Tech Futures Lab and The Mind Lab, Frances has been instrumental in reskilling and educating 20,000 adult students in formal programmes, many thousands in short tech courses in software development and over 250,000 school aged students.

Connect with Frances on LinkedIn or read her full bio

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