New Zealand’s most entrepreneurial forward-looking Master’s programme - Info Session

Event overview
This is not an ordinary or traditional Master’s qualification. It’s highly practical and hands-on, it challenges the way you think about business and rewires your approach to problem-solving. The programme engages a broad range of industry experts, indigenous wisdom leaders, futurists, social entrepreneurs, and forward-thinking academics, all working to share their knowledge to help build a bright future. The structure and focus are designed to meet the challenges and opportunities of this dynamic time we’re in.
Come to this info session to find out how this programme will help you build the skills and capabilities to move you to where you want to be in your career and your life. 
The Information Session is designed for 
  • Those who are keen to know more about the Master’s programme and a clear understanding of how the programme helps people surface the opportunities our changing world is offering and find ways to harness all that the digital economy has to offer.
  • An opportunity to listen and ask questions from the professionals leading change in the digital economy. 
Maheshi Wadasinghe, Postgraduate Programme Lead at Tech Futures Lab
Maheshi is driven by a passion to help others succeed. A self-confessed life-long learner, Maheshi is well qualified with a Master’s degree in Marine Conservation and also Bioscience Enterprise.
Maheshi sees herself as ‘a bridger’ – intent on helping others get to where they want to go and sharing in the joy of being a part of the journey.
The details
  • Wednesday, 1st September 2021
  • 6:00pm – 7:30pm
  • Online event through Zoom (a link will be emailed once you register)
Our panelists 
  • Linda Sturgess, Senior Partner – Business Acquisition, Bank of New Zealand. Graduated 2020.
  • Melissa Crawford, GM – Future of Work, Vector. Graduated 2020.
  • Bradley Walker, Owner of Adrenalin Group, Adrenalin Games, Adrenalin Animation. Currently studying the Master of Technological Futures.
Special guest
  • Frances Valintine – Founder & CEO Tech Futures Lab
What we’ll discuss
Having the skills and confidence to adapt, to use technology as an advantage, and to creatively problem solve and how the Master’s will help to learn differently, see new perspectives and think holistically.
How the evening will run
  • Introduction to Tech Futures Lab and where we are heading from our Founder & CEO, Frances Valintine. 
  • A quick intro to the programme from our facilitator, Maheshi Wadasinghe.
  • Next, we’ll speak to a panel of speakers with our facilitator asking questions.
  • Then we’ll answer any questions from the floor.
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Event Details

Wednesday 1st September, 6pm - 7.30pm

Tech Futures Lab, 99 Khyber Pass Road, Grafton, Auckland.