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Conversations to create impactful futures

Since the control of fire by early humans, technology has been the launchpad for humanity’s incredible journey, but it is still just a tool. As with fire, which can both cook your dinner and burn your house down, today’s emerging and disruptive technologies also come with both opportunity and caution.

That’s what Converge is for: to provide a space for the urgent and essential conversations and discussions we need to have about emerging and disruptive technologies and how they impact our work and our lives.

Light on organisation, heavy on conversation

Hosted by Tech Futures Lab, but run by whoever wants to share and contribute, Converge meets fortnightly (online only at this point) and invites in ideas, projects or challenges that anyone in the Tech Futures Lab community is working on.

Converge is open to all involved and connected to Tech Futures Lab, from present and past students across all programmes, advisors and moderators, industry experts and speakers and staff. It’s an ideal place to have robust discussion amongst a group of curious, open-minded critical thinkers to get feedback, ask questions, seek input or hear alternative viewpoints. Its non-hierarchical and democratised; everyone (and no one) is both teacher and learner. And it’s completely free.

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If you’ve got an idea, project or challenge you want to sound out with the Tech Futures Lab community, this is your forum to do that. Whether it’s half baked or nearly done we welcome you join in and share.

Just complete the form below to participate as a contributor to the meet-up. We’ll get in with touch you directly to coordinate the best session for you to present at. See below for more on how the meet-up sessions will run each fortnight.

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Converge is a space for robust conversations amongst the Tech Futures Lab community about emerging and disruptive technologies. To receive email notifications about upcoming Converge meet ups and/or put your hand up to be a Contributor at Converge, please opt in using the form below.

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How the Converge meet-up sessions work

The approach of Converge is to not over-organise it – it’s not an event, it’s a meet-up. The more informal and organic it can be, the more that genuine conversation and engagement will occur. That’s the idea. But to be worth everyone’s valuable time there is some structure to it.

  1. We Converge from 7.30am – 8.30am every other Tuesday (fortnightly). The first Converge kicked off on Tuesday 22 February 2022 (so fortnightly thereafter).
  2. We open with a karakia to bring everyone together into the shared space. Anyone can put their hand up to lead this.
  3. The first time block (max 15mins) is set aside for the Converge Contributor – a person or a team sharing the idea, project or challenge. How this is done is completely up to the Contributor(s). It might be pecha kucher style, something experiential or through the medium of story-telling. How much is shared is totally up to the Contributor(s) but we will ask every attendee to agree to non-disclosure prior to each meet-up session (see ‘House Rules‘ for more below).
  4. The second block (approx 15 mins) is reserved to clarify and define any questions and discussion specific to the Contributor(s) topic or project
  5. The last block (approx 30mins) is Open Mic – the floor is opened up for anyone to ask questions, share thoughts or experiences and debate the territory the project sits inside of. It’s also a chance for any  participants to ask a quick question to garner some short responses, or to make some suggestions for future Converge meet-up topic areas.
  6. We wrap up with a heads up on the next Converge meet-up and close with a karakia to send everyone off on their day.

House rules: creating a safe yet robust discussion space

Converge is designed to facilitate more opportunities for critical engagement with emerging disruptive technologies. The critical engagement component is core to this – we want this to help shine light on blind spots, open up perspectives and instil a practice of systems and impact thinking. But the approach must still align with our Te Ara Kotihi principles and values, underpinned by manaaki, rangatiratanga, pono and ako.

To achieve this, we’ve set some house rules. Joining the Converge community requires you agree to these.

  1. Respect others:
    Interactions must be respectful and constructive. If you don’t agree with points made, you are welcome to voice your opinion but it must come with genuine intent to educate and enlighten.
  2. Share to support growth of mindsets:
    If you are sharing ideas or information to support another’s idea, be open with your contribution. Use appreciative inquiry questions to promote curiosity and open thinking. If you’re receiving input or feedback, do your best to keep an open mind to the contributions.
  3. Share for the purpose of positive development:
    This is not a forum to promote existing commercial products or services. It’s about ideation, the development journey and exploration of possibilities for wide reaching impact.
  4. Be commercially sensitive:
    To provide a safe space to share ideas, there is an understanding and a virtual handshake that any IP shared goes no further than the meet-up session. The forum is to grow and nurture ideas, ethically. If you want to collaborate or provide expertise to a Contributor, you will have the opportunity to make contact directly with them outside of the meet-up session (at the discretion of each Contributor).