Digital Suitcase


This fun, fast, video-based online course will help get you up to speed with the basics of the digital curriculum and is packed with downloadable materials. Once you’re in, you can complete the course over one day – or dip in when you have a few minutes to spare and work through the material at your own pace. Find out more at

Once you’ve clicked ‘buy now’ and created an account, a payment overlay page will come up. Enter your promo code in the Coupon Code box and click apply. Watch the instruction video below.

Digital Passport works to actively unbundle the often overly complicated terminology provided by The Ministry of Education. It’s fast, fun and video-based.

Tech Futures Lab has been actively working towards this change in education since 2017. They are the current market leaders in digital learning. Digital Suitcase has been created by their team of digital learning experts who have been invested in this matter from the very beginning.

We take cybersecurity pretty seriously, so we ask that your password contains 10 characters made up of at least one capital letter, one lowercase letter, one number and one special character (e.g. $%*@). Once you have completed the password requirements, the Activate button will become available.

If you are not a registered NZ teacher, Digital Passport costs a one-off payment of $39.95. This gives you full, unlimited and ongoing access to the course.

Once each main module is complete you'll receive a downloadable certificate of completion. You will also receive any classroom activities that you can use, and at any time you can rewatch the videos to refresh your learning.

Make sure you have completed all the steps in the workshop. A green tick will appear next to the videos and quizzes you have completed. Once everything is completed you will see the Certificate button on the Summary page.

You can, however you will only receive one downloadable certificate per account.

You can complete all 4 workshops in one day. However you can go at your own pace, there are no time limits on completing the Digital Passport.