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Everything you'd like to know about The Mind Lab.

Sure is! Our postgraduate programmes are eligible for interest-free student loans via Studylink.

You may also be eligible for Fees Free - under the Government's initiative launched in 2017 -

Finally, we have Maori and Pacific scholarships available for eligible candidates. See our Scholarships page for details.

Prior tertiary education is not a necessity. After all, we’re in the business of business, not academia for adacemia’s sake.

Master's entry criteria

To qualify for admission, you need to: Demonstrate relevant professional and/or technical experience OR Have a bachelor’s degree or higher, or Level 7 Graduate Diploma. You’ll also have to meet with us for an interview to see where you’re at and if the course is right for you. We accept up to 30 candidates per intake in order of application

Postgraduate Certificate entry criteria

To be admitted to this programme: Recognised bachelor's degree and a minimum of two years' work experience OR Demonstrate equivalent professional experience

NOTE: Equivalent professional experience will need to be evidenced and a short interview may be required to check that this programme is appropriate for the applicant..

To ensure that the Postgraduate Certificate in Human Potential for the Digital Economy is relevant to an applicant, a brief Statement of Intent is needed in the application form.

If English is not the applicant's first language, applicants can provide evidence of English proficiency via Professional outputs in English language or through an approved formal English test.
Please note, we are not able to accept international candidates.

The future of work, and your success in it, will be defined by your ability to learn new things. Great managers and organisations understand this. Because you're learning through application from day one on the programme, the skills you gain are genuinely transferrable from the time you start. From understanding the idea and innovation process, to harnessing new technologies, working collaboratively with others, and delivering projects in an agile way - these are all skills that organisations are clamouring for. Your manager will be getting the best eyes and brains around to help you develop these skills, and have a real impact. If not now, when? As the rate of change accelerates, large companies are becoming old news overnight, but what’s far more likely is they’ll slowly be chipped away by tech-enabled upstarts.

If you’re waiting for a sign, you’ll probably be too late. If you’re thinking of making a change but you’re just not sure how this is your chance.

Nope. Some candidates are highly technical and aspire to be creating the new tech. Others have a strong business, social or enterprise focus and are looking to develop their own venture or lead teams enabled by technology products and services. Whether you're a digital native or newbie, our programmes will work for you.

Both of our postgraduate programmes have been designed to fit easily around work.


For the first six months, you're based at our Lab in Newmarket for just three days per month (Thursday, Friday and Saturday), working with your fellow candidates and industry experts, stretching your grey matter and building amazing new skills and capabilities. For the second six months, you'll spend one day a month in the Lab (Friday). The final six months of the applied learning phase is carried out back at work, your home office or here at the Lab. Throughout the programme it's an average of 16 to 20 hours per week that you'll need to commit to move things forward.
Because you demonstrate learning through application, there's no need with this programme, to take 18 months off work - unless you want to! Many candidates come to the Lab with a defined goal or project to work on which aligns to their current job or organisation’s vision. Others take the first phase to develop that concept with our team.

Postgraduate Certificate

For the first 16 weeks, you spend each Tuesday evening at the Lab from 4 pm to 8 pm, plus an additional 12 hours per week of independent study. Over the second 16 weeks you'll need to attend just 5 Lab sessions and a weekly virtual session with a choice of times. (Tuesday 8 to 9 am; Wednesday 12 to 1 pm; or Thursday 4 to 5 pm) to make it as convenient as possible, plus 16 hours per week on independent study.

The Master's programme was developed in 2016, and since then we've had fourteen Master's cohorts.
The Postgraduate Certificate in Human Potential for the Digital Economy programme was approved in 2019 and we are currently running our third cohort. The Postgraduate Certificate in Connected Environments was approved in 2020 and we are currently running our second cohort. And our Organisational Agility micro-credential was developed in 2020 and we have run three cohorts to date.

All our programmes are adapted with each new intake to remain contemporary with change and loop in learnings from previous cohorts, but the fundamentals remain the same.

Because the Master's programme is project/work-based, this means almost every candidate has a different output that they are working on.

Candidates work with our experts to refine / develop projects which they then deliver over a period of about 12 months.

Absolutely! In the Master's programme, the Immersion phase is designed to develop, refine or define a project you'll take forward in the next phase. Some candidates start with a vague idea about why they're doing the programme which evolves into a project idea. Others have a very specific reason or project. No matter where you sit on the continuum - your idea is bound to change a bit anyway. This is part of the process too.

Easy - apply here
You will need to provide some personal information to register, some ID (passport) and some information about your background (your CV, or LinkedIn profile for example).
The process is really quick, and if you need any help with your application, contact us at