Master's of Technological Futures


Absolutely! In the Master's programme, the Immersion phase is designed to develop, refine or define a project you'll take forward in the next phase. Some candidates start with a vague idea about why they're doing the programme which evolves into a project idea. Others have a very specific reason or project. No matter where you sit on the continuum - your idea is bound to change a bit anyway. This is part of the process too.

This is the project-based learning part of the Master's programme. There is no thesis in this Master's so you're back at work, in your home office or here at the Lab working on your Master's project. Your ongoing commitment is about 16 to 20 hours per week. Your dedicated advisor will ensure you stay on track and meet your milestones and agreed learning outcomes. Plus, every month, we run Lightning Sessions - these are a check-in with all cohorts so candidates can share progress, sticking points and successes with internal and external advisors and guests. This helps keep momentum and motivation once you're back in the 'wild'!