How do I sell this to management?

The future of work, and your success in it, will be defined by your ability to learn new things. Great managers and organisations understand this. Because you’re learning through application from day one on the programme, the skills you gain are genuinely transferrable from the time you start. From understanding the idea and innovation process, to harnessing new technologies, working collaboratively with others, and delivering projects in an agile way – these are all skills that organisations are clamouring for. Your manager will be getting the best eyes and brains around to help you develop these skills, and have a real impact. If not now, when? As the rate of change accelerates, large companies are becoming old news overnight, but what’s far more likely is they’ll slowly be chipped away by tech-enabled upstarts.

If you’re waiting for a sign, you’ll probably be too late. If you’re thinking of making a change but you’re just not sure how this is your chance.

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