How does this fit with my full-time job?

Both of our postgraduate programmes have been designed to fit easily around work.


For the first six months, you’re based at our Lab in Newmarket for just three days per month (Thursday, Friday and Saturday), working with your fellow candidates and industry experts, stretching your grey matter and building amazing new skills and capabilities. For the second six months, you’ll spend one day a month in the Lab (Friday). The final six months of the applied learning phase is carried out back at work, your home office or here at the Lab. Throughout the programme it’s an average of 16 to 20 hours per week that you’ll need to commit to move things forward.
Because you demonstrate learning through application, there’s no need with this programme, to take 18 months off work – unless you want to! Many candidates come to the Lab with a defined goal or project to work on which aligns to their current job or organisation’s vision. Others take the first phase to develop that concept with our team.

Postgraduate Certificate

For the first 16 weeks, you spend each Tuesday evening at the Lab from 4 pm to 8 pm, plus an additional 12 hours per week of independent study. Over the second 16 weeks you’ll need to attend just 5 Lab sessions and a weekly virtual session with a choice of times. (Tuesday 8 to 9 am; Wednesday 12 to 1 pm; or Thursday 4 to 5 pm) to make it as convenient as possible, plus 16 hours per week on independent study.

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