Learning Communities & Academic Support

Library: The Tech Futures Lab E-Library contains links to a range of online resources for students, including the EBSCO and Proquest online databases and e-book libraries that we subscribe to, along with other search engines and open access resources in educational research and scholarship. Support for academic writing, research, literacy development, etc. is available via the Academic Programme Teams.

Learning Communities: Students have access to collaborative learning networks and communities such as Tuia te Kupu and the programme-specific social media platforms and channels. Tuia te Kupu is The Mind Lab & Tech Futures Lab Journal Club and it supports critical conversation about important practice-relevant challenges and opportunities. In addition, Tuia te Kupu helps develop essential critical capability to contextualise knowledge and information in practice.

Learning Consultants: Tech Futures Lab students have access to key staff members outside their programme academic staff, such as the National Academic Director and National Academic Manager, who act as learning consultants to students, helping them develop key academic skills required for postgraduate writing and research, explore approaches to completing their assessments and discover ways of meeting their research and writing goals. Contact:

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