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It’s time to do innovation better.

Corporate Innovation

Evolve your organisation into one that is trusted by its customers, meaningful to its employees, respected in its industry, and idolised by its competitors.

The Corporate Innovation Lab provides customised workshops designed to shake up existing thinking, reframe the reason for being and empower leaders, teams and people to transform the organisation.

Invigorate the organisational strategies that lead to innovation for positive growth
Empower your people and teams to cultivate growth mindsets for transformational change
Activate purpose, infuse inclusivity into culture and instill an ethos that moves the needle on long term ethical success

Why work with us?

As technologists, researchers, and educators our approach puts people at the heart of everything we do. We’re not here to simply do a job; we share this expertise because we believe that everyone and every business can find fulfilment and a sense of value through contribution and involvement in innovative thinking. We’re excited by the potential that diversity of mindsets and experiences can bring to a business. Our satisfaction and fulfilment comes from helping businesses develop solutions that put people at the very core of their purpose.

Whatever the challenge or vision for your organisation, our customised workshops, and speaker sessions will support the shift, both in culture and in approach.

We gather together educators, entrepreneurs, and researchers to partner with your organisation to develop the skills needed to thrive amid rapid change.  We facilitate the definition of a strategic long-term plan that enables innovation that’s better for employees, the organisation, the community it exists within, and the planet it depends on.

What we offer

Guest speaker sessions.

A great way to get the conversation going at your workplace. 

Customised workshops.

Dive in deep for hands-on, sometimes confronting, but certainly thought-provoking half or full-day workshops.

Co-designed sessions that respond to your organisational needs

All our speaker sessions and workshops are designed in collaboration with our partners to tailor an experience that best suits their organisational challenges, group size, and current capabilities.


To learn more, download our Info Pack or reach out to talk directly with us about your requirements.

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