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The Tech Futures Lab team is genuinely passionate about learning, teaching and the future. We are a network of approachable, humble, supportive and open-minded people who look at the world from a different angle.

Frank Janssen, Director and Chair

Outcome and results-driven – focus on outcomes, taking people with him on the journey to deliver great results.

Respect and leverage people resource – motivate, mentor and lead talented professionals. Gain respect across diverse specialties – professional, clinical and commercial Business builder – high skill levels and experience at growing businesses in a managed and commercially sound manner.

Calm leadership – overcome difficult and complex business challenges and make commercially sound decisions using experience-backed judgment and clear thinking.

Strategy development and execution specialist – a visionary strategist and tactician. Consistent record of strategy development and execution in a wide range of organisations.

Health sector knowledge – broad experience and depth of understanding of the public and private health sectors in New Zealand.


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