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John Graves, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

“AI is about unleashing intelligence. By applying better tools to our basic abilities, exponential leaps in understanding can be achieved.”

John’s early forays into data were as a quantitative analyst for Morgan Stanley, the multinational investment bank and financial services company. He arrived in New Zealand in 2009 ready for a change, with an impressive c.v. which allowed him to move straight into doctoral studies in computer science at Auckland University of Technology (AUT). John’s research led to the concept of using voice-to-text and voice recognition to present and retrieve data.

He subsequently founded several start-ups (including SlideSpeech, which translates speaker notes to speech to help convert presentations into self-presenting online resources and networking app, Work the Room) while working as a data scientist at Datamine. He left Datamine in 2016 to become Senior Data Scientist at Qrious. In April 2019, John became Head of Data Science at Electric Kiwi, the online electricity retailer which uses cloud computing, smart meters and serious data crunching to deliver savings and service to electricity users.

John is also a co-founder of the Data Science Academy, which engages New Zealand’s top data science talent to up-skill and empower data professionals enabling them to deliver high-quality data outputs, follow best practice and use modern data science tools in their daily work.


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