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John McDermott, Programme Lead for Connected Environments, IoT (Internet of Things) Expert

John McDermott is a technology engineer with experience in a range of electronics and software technologies and is an experienced product marketing specialist. He is an Internet of Things evangelist starting the extremely popular IoT Auckland Meetup group in 2016. The group have regular monthly meetings that educate, inform and encourage the capability of IoT technologies within New Zealand.

John is the founder of BoatSecure, an IoT business providing remote monitoring of recreational boats in marinas and on moorings for boat owners.

John is also a representative of the NZ IoT Alliance, the industry association accelerating the adoption and deployment of IoT applications for the benefit of New Zealand’s society and economy. John has wide experience assessing the business viability of technology and practical knowledge in the development, management and marketing of new product applications. He provides advice to startup and established businesses on how to create value from IoT opportunities.

John’s hands-on experience, industry network and love of IoT make him invaluable as the programme lead for the Postgraduate Certificate in Connected Environments and a contributing industry expert to the Master of Technological Futures programme and Corporate Innovation team.

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