Māori & Pacific Support

Nau mai! Afio mai! We are an education organisation that prioritises opportunities for promoting Māori and Pacific student success in all our programmes.

On this page you’ll find information on our support team and initiatives, scholarships and funding, and pastoral care services. Please get in touch, we’d love to kōrero with you.


ManaakiFono is our main forum for academic and cultural support for our Māori and Pacific students. Manaaki meaning to care and support (one of our values as an organisation); Fono meaning to meet.

This takes shape in both a support group and an online drop-in Zoom session where Māori and Pacific students can pop in and kōrero with staff about ‘what’s on top’ for you with your learning. ManaakiFono is a safe space for you to get support and guidance for your programme like assessments, academic writing, reflection writing, anything at all to help you succeed. We also enable and enhance tuakana-teina relationships as you get to meet and talk with students from other cohorts as well.

ManaakiFono is guided by a Talanoa model, which can be referred to as a conversation, a talk, an exchange of ideas or thinking, whether formal or informal. ManaakiFono is an opportunity for students to build relationships, and understanding with both fellow candidates and the teaching/support team of Tech Futures Lab. Rather than being lecture type sessions or webinars, the purpose of these sessions is to ‘teu le vā’, close the gaps, strengthen the relationships, build connections and provide space for conversation and collaboration.

When you sign up to learn with us, your programme team will let you know when your weekly ManaakiFono sessions are.

Meet the team

Fuatino Peilua
Director of Studies
Te Mihinga Komene
Pou Ārahi
Huw Jones
Pou Āwhina

Submitting assignments in Te Reo Māori

We fully support and encourage the use of te reo Māori throughout our organisation.

You are able to submit any of your work in te reo Māori, or in both English and Māori, for any of our programmes. When submitting your work through the portal, just check ‘Yes’ to ‘This assignment is in Te Reo’. If you need any assistance to do so, please email or send a message via Slack to Te Mihinga (you will be given access to Slack when you begin your programme).


Keen to kōrero?

If you’re interested in talking to one of our team about our Māori or Pacific support… or anything else
relating to what we do at Tech Futures Lab, please get in touch.