Level 9 - NZQA accredited

Master of Technological Futures

Develop your capability to innovate and create impact.

Programme overview

Become a changemaker in your workplace or launch yourself into a totally new space.

The Master of Technological Futures is New Zealand’s most innovative forward looking Master’s programme. Designed in close consultation with industry and delivered by leading technology experts, futurists and social enterprise leaders, this is a practical and untraditional programme that upskills professionals to take full advantage of what this fast-emerging digital era offers.

You’ll learn how to do things differently – to see from new perspectives, to plan and shape ideas using new methodologies and develop your leadership skills to be able to drive change in your workplace and communities.

There are three key dimensions where the programme expands your knowledge:

Emerging Disruptive Technologies (EDT). Key technologies like Blockchain, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Robotics.

New business models and paradigms. Contemporary approaches to structuring, leading, and developing businesses, like systems and design thinking practices, fit for an ever-changing environment.

Societal shifts. Influences from society that impact business like circular, sharing, and collaborative economies, the digital-first generation, and the value of genuine indigenous perspectives and wisdom. 

Most importantly, the programme connects these dimensions to give a holistic view of the future of business, so you’ll be able to clearly identify opportunities and know how to create sustainable impactful solutions.

What you’ll gain

Applied skills in contemporary business practices that encourage innovative and creative thinking - like design sprints, agile methods and systems-led strategies.
Confidence in your leadership abilities to bring together the right people in a business model that is tuned to societal changes and sustainable into the future.
Connection with a community of change makers and innovators leading and shaping the businesses and industries of tomorrow.
A recognised NZQA accredited Master’s degree that has transformed your mindset to innovate, create and lead projects and businesses that will make lasting impact.

What sets this programme apart from other Master’s programmes?

The Master of Technological Futures programme differs from traditional Master’s degrees like MBAs as it’s practical, designed in close consultation with industry experts and you have the choice to either complete it with a research or real-world project.  Every student has a dedicated advisor who supports and guides them throughout the duration of the programme and connects them with other experts, industry or academic, to help round out research and project outcomes.

This Master’s programme does not reinforce the status quo. It breaks away the barriers and silos attached to traditional business and flips your perspective to see problems as opportunities to learn and grow.

Who is this programme for?

The Master of Technological Futures is designed specifically for people who want to be a part of and lead the way forward in the new world of business. This is intentional learning at its very best.

This programme is for you if you want to:

  • expand your knowledge and experience with digital technologies
  • develop out an idea or project that could revolutionize your workplace or industry
  • level up your capabilities for a move forward, or sideways in your career

A Master’s degree from Tech Futures Lab says you look to the future with open eyes – you not only understand the impacts’ technology will have on our world, but you are also able to harness them to develop solutions that are inclusive, sustainable and impactful.

Programme Details

A fully-flexible programme carefully designed to accommodate both the many work/ life commitments people carry as well as the outcome intentions they have from gaining a Master’s degree.

With two learning delivery models available, you can choose to study on-site with us at the Lab in Grafton, Auckland or in our blended learning structure (available in 2022).  We have part-time (18 months) and full-time (12 months) study options and the programme is split over two key phases: Immersion and Project.

The time commitment differs between part-time and full-time, please see below for more information or for a full breakdown of the programme structure, check the 2021 Education Handbook and 2022 Education Handbook.

Immersion Phase

Applies to both full-time and part-time options:

  • 20 weeks. A total time commitment of c.26hrs per week.
  • Onsite learning (June and October 2021 intakes) comprises 3 full day workshops per month onsite over this phase.
  • Blended learning (Feb 2022 intake only) comprises 8hrs per week of online facilitated sessions and 3 full day workshops onsite over this phase.
Project Phase

Part-time option only:

  • 55 weeks. A total time commitment of c. 20hrs per week.
  • 6 full day workshop sessions over the first six months of this phase.
  • Self-managed project development with guidance from your dedicated Advisor.
Project Phase

Full-time option only:

  • 32 weeks. A total time commitment of c. 38hrs per week.
  • 6 full day workshop sessions over the first six months of this phase.
  • Self-managed project development with guidance from your dedicated Advisor.

For more detail on the Immersion and Project phases, please see the 2021 Education Handbook and 2022 Education Handbook.

Key dates


The full tuition fee for the Master of Technological Futures programme is:

  • $15,611* for domestic students
  • $45,899* for international students

We offer a 10% Early bird discount available until 28 September 2021 for the October 28th intake. This will bring the amount to $13,897* for domestic students only (not available to international students).  

*2022 prices stated are in NZD and inclusive of 15% GST (goods and services tax). Check 2021 Education Handbook for 2021 prices. 

Support available to domestic students:

  • StudyLink loans are available
  • Depending on your study history, you may be eligible for the NZ Government’s Fees Free scheme.

International students

With the current Covid-19 travel restrictions in place at the New Zealand border, this Master’s programme is only available to study as an international student if you are already in New Zealand. As the New Zealand government reviews and revises travel restrictions, it may be possible to apply for a Student Visa and travel to New Zealand to study this Master’s programme with us in the future.

You will need to check the conditions on your visa to see if you are eligible to study with us. To find out more about studying with Tech Futures Lab as an international student, visit our International Students page.

Entry requirements

We value industry and real-world experience as much as an academic record. You don’t need specific technical ability but you must demonstrate a willingness to learn.

Places are offered in order of enrolment. The programme is available to candidates who qualify as domestic students (NZ and Australian citizens and permanent residents) and international students who are currently residing in New Zealand. Please see the International Students page for specific information.

You’ll need one of the following:

  • A bachelor’s degree or Level 7 Graduate Diploma (or higher) AND relevant professional and/or technical experience that demonstrates an ability and potential to succeed.
  • Relevant professional and/or technical experience that demonstrates an ability and potential to succeed.

English Language Requirements

If English is not your first language, you will need to provide evidence of English language competence. This might be a formal test, academic qualification from an English-speaking country, or professional achievements in English. More details of the requirements these options need to meet are covered on the International Students page.

A getting to know you interview

This is a reciprocal one-on-one interview where you get to know Programme Lead Maheshi  Wadasinghe and we get to know you, to ensure Master’s is the right fit. We can do this in person here at the Lab in Grafton, Auckland or virtually if you’re further away.

Not sure of your eligibility?

Check the 2021 Education Handbook and 2022 Education Handbook for more details or contact us at info@techfutureslab.com.

Other support

We’ve also created this handy template to assist in asking for support.


Tangata Whenua Scholarship
For people who identify as Māori.
Pacific Ako Scholarship
For people who identify as Pacific learners.

An industry supported programme

All Master of Technological Futures students will have a dedicated Advisor throughout the programme. Master’s Advisors guide and support students through their learning journey, acting as a valuable sounding board for ideas and helping them to connect with other industry or academic experts.

See our advisors

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