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Melissa Jenner, Human Innovation Specialist

Melissa prides herself on being the ‘master of the career pivot’.  Having worked in 3 countries and multiple industries around the world, she has learned by experience what it takes to constantly ‘innovate your life’ and pursue meaningful work that is a combination of having impact, allowing for your own unique creative expression, and giving you the reward you need at different stages in your life.

She started her career in the creative industries in New Zealand working for large organisations like Saatchi & Saatchi, before heading offshore to navigate the volatile Fin-Tech sector working for Microsoft in Europe, Cantor Fitzgerald in New York, Barclays in London, and the NZX in New Zealand.  Leading global teams, designing profitable products and services, restructuring multiple business and surviving the World Trade Centre tragedy of 9/11 along with the global GFC, has given Melissa life-long lessons in the meaning and power of work to personal happiness, and the importance of ’self-directing’ your own career.

Trained in Design Thinking from Stanford’s D-School, she founded her own business in 2015 START Now which was one of the first businesses in the world to apply human-centred design to career planning.  She has designed a proprietary toolbox to support individuals in their pursuit of more meaningful work, and to enable organisations to grow creative leadership, and support their people in pursuing work that brings them purpose and in turn, lifts  productivity

She works for Tech Futures Lab as a Human Innovation Specialist, and has worked with a range of large corporations in New Zealand and offshore to grow the Creative Leadership capabilities of their teams including NZ Steel, Watercare, Dairy Womens Network & Plant & Food Research.


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