Becks West

Lead Facilitator

Rebecca, or as she prefers, Becks, does not let anything hold her back from doing what she’s loving. Her inbuilt ‘let’s try it out and see where it takes us’ attitude has seen her move successfully through a corporate career in the UK mobile industry to teaching entrepreneurship and business here in Aotearoa New Zealand.

From the moment she started working, Becks has been developing her skills and knowledge in how to build resilient enterprises. Her curiosity to understand how businesses ‘pull in money’ and get paid drew her to her first love - Finance. This was just the beginning of her love of business. Over the following 11 years, Becks moved from finance to marketing and product development then to logistics and distribution before she discovered the lure of mobile technology. She was there at the start of the mobile revolution, and got stuck in on the operations side, setting up and leading some of the very top client account teams in mobile giants BT and O2 in the UK.

Through the graduate mentorship programme Becks managed at BT, she found a new love, in teaching. So despite some sideways glances from her corporate colleagues, she threw it in and took on a Masters of Computing and Management and a Postgraduate Degree in Secondary Education and Teaching. 

After emigrating to Aotearoa New Zealand in 2016, Becks set up an Entrepreneurship academy at Mahurangi College in Warkworth, North Auckland. There she grew an academy of 90 to 300 students, all learning to set up and manage their own small businesses. Some of which are still around today.

Before joining The Mind Lab and Tech Futures Lab as Lead Facilitator on both the Entrepreneurship and Digital Skills for the Workplace micro-credentials, Becks was a student on the Digital and Collaborative Teaching postgraduate programme. A long time ‘disruptor’ and natural intrapreneur, Becks is the definition of a lifelong learner. Perhaps it's part of her secret to her varied and rich tapestry of a career. Her impressive list of academic qualifications is testament to Becks’ desire to lead with knowledge and skills into new career paths that take her eye. 

Becks says her superpower is in helping to grow other people’s dreams into their realities and that is a big part of what creating impactful futures is about.

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