Cassidy Huang

Front of House

Cassidy is here for all things organisation. She absolutely loves to organise things whether that is scheduling, answering callings and emails or restocking the acclaimed cookie jar.

She is the first point of contact for visitors to The Mind Lab and prides herself in being the first friendly face these visitors get to encounter in the building. Cassidy has a Bachelor of Architectural Studies from the University of Auckland and is currently studying Masters of Architecture (Prof) and Heritage Conservation while also balancing working at The Mind Lab on top of that.

Cassidy also admires Fran Lebowitz for being both outspoken and self-aware. She admires greatly the way Lebowitz doesn't take herself or the world too seriously believing this is the ideal way to navigate our world. 

We are so grateful to have Cassidy as part of our team at The Mind Lab. Her friendly face and extraordinary organisational skills are key to what makes everything work so smoothly day to day. 

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