Jiawei Zhao

Data Scientist

Jiawei is passionate and driven to provide data and find solutions. Across a variety of different projects, he is responsible for data visualisation, deeper data analysis results and leveraging machine learning into the current data. Alongside this, Jiawei is also invested in the future that AI holds for us as humans and works to provide possible AI solutions to issues revolving around data that may pop up in future endeavours. 

Jiawei has a Ph.D. which he acquired from Massey University and has multiple published articles through the university. Currently he is majoring in data science, deep learning and natural language processing to better his knowledge and understanding of all things data related. 

A historical figure that he would love to meet if given the chance would be Qianlong Emperor as Jiawei is a huge fan of Chinese history. Jiawei is so interested that he wants to know all the secrets and answers to his questions from the Emperor himself. 

We are very fortunate to have Jiawei working with us on a variety of different projects and helping us with all things data-based. Keeping up to date with all things and avoiding as much error as possible is super important for us at The Mind Lab and Jiawei helps us to achieve that everyday.