Monique Pearson

Chief Collaborator

Monique is the ultimate collaborator. Not just in the doing but in her fundamental belief that coming together despite differences, to strive for a common goal, is a powerful mantra for a productive relationship and a positive future.

As someone who has found joy in her natural adaptability and versatility, Monique is following purpose on her career path. She has extensive experience in the corporate sector, holding senior roles in leading financial, technology and law firms.

She is an honorary member of the New Zealand Bar Association and a Certified Advisory Board Chair. More recently, Monique has gravitated to the social impact sector, acting on her sense that a strong flourishing future begins with capable thriving people.

Monique first joined The Mind Lab and Tech Futures Lab as Interim General Manager while Fee Webby was on maternity leave. And fortunately for us, she’s stayed on, carving out a new role that suits her to a tee - our Chief Collaborator. 

It’s a unique role that’s closely aligned with the core values of The Mind Lab and Tech Futures Lab and means Monique can fully indulge her innate collaborative style of working. As Chief Collaborator, she’s responsible for leading the charge on growth development for our organisation, including offshore opportunities, partnerships and learning and development expansion. Monique’s desire to help others grow and realise their potential means she’s committed to sustainable growth that delivers on the learner’s needs as well as the organisation’s aspirations.

A lifelong learner herself, Monique recently completed a Certificate in Proficiency in Te Reo at AUT - strengthening her belief that access to the nuances of language opens up a deeper understanding of culture. Developing this perspective and appreciation for the distinctly unique environment Aotearoa New Zealand has is invaluable to Monique as she starts to reach across the open seas to find new market opportunities. 

In her tenure as interim GM, Monique evolved the ‘staff appraisal’ process to create a unique learning and development framework based on ‘Te Whare Tapu Whā’ or the four cornerstones of Māori health. This innovative and fresh perspective that truly strives to work in partnership with staff and the organisation is testament to Monique’s capability and suitability to lead as our Chief Collaborator.

Academic achievements:

  • Certificate in Proficiency in te reo Māori (AUT)
  • Post graduate Certificate in Business Administration (AUT)
  • Bachelor of Business Studies (Commercial Law & Management papers) (AUT)

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