Rhian Bedford-Palmer

Rhian loves variety. And she has an amazing ability to juggle multiple things at once but still keep her eye on the big picture. That’s a superpower to have when you’re working amongst people who come up with all sorts of curve balls and tangled challenges that need attending to.

An eternal optimist, Rhian always looks on the brighter side of a situation and her cheerful approach puts even the most uptight at ease. She’s used to diffusing situations, being a mother to two energetic girls (with another on the way), she knows the art of keeping everyone happy but still managing to get things done. 

In her spare time (what’s that?!) Rhian runs boutique online store ‘Little Lights Co’ with a close friend, operating at all levels of the small business from accountant to stylist, distribution to marketing, she's experiencing it all. 

Rhian’s background in social media and advertising means she is the go-to for all things content at Tech Futures Lab - from podcasts, to social media posts, staff videos, infographics and email communications, she’s deftly producing and coordinating it all.

Academic achievements:

Bachelor of Business with a major in Marketing and Advertising 

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