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Peter Swanson, People, Culture and Organisational Design Expert

As an engineer, Peter loved problem solving; figuring out how things work and how to make things better. Transferring this from mechanical things to humans, he has subsequently built a successful career as an expert, strategist and leader in the area of people and change; helping organisations develop their structures, systems and cultures, and align them to new strategies and changing environments. This in turn has fostered a strong interest in innovation and emerging and disruptive technology.

Peter currently plays in the space where innovation strategy and culture collide, helping organisations adapt and thrive in a modern disrupted world. As well as running his new platform solution business Ten Times, Peter provides specialist business advice and support, and speaks about people, change and innovation.

Peter’s experience includes many years as a management consultant delivering business solutions to leading global organisations in UK, Europe, Asia, and Australasia. He has held senior executive roles with several major New Zealand organisations in the commercial and not-for-profit space, where he influenced and led major strategic transformations.


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