Louise Nash

For Louise Nash, nature isn’t something to experience on the weekend or holidays, it’s a way of life. From day one, as a bright eyed bundle of joy coming home to her family’s market garden in Otahuhu Auckland, Louise was immersed in a belief system that’s all about working with nature. That notion of harmony and reciprocity is ingrained into Louise’s DNA – how she lives her life and how she believes we must all operate in our businesses.

Louise has always had a deep interest in understanding ecosystems – the influences, the circuit breakers and the impact those interventions have on the whole. After completing her Bachelor degree in Economics at Auckland University, it was the Internet that was starting to stand out as a circuit breaker within the creative communities ecosystem.

So being the curious type, Louise decided to make this the thesis for her first Master’s degree in Commercial Law. And from there, she side-stepped into the communications industry.

As someone who understands the interplay between things, Louise had an innate ability to identify future trends and this landed her strategic advisor roles at major advertising and communication agencies around the world, helping brands navigate the future and build strategies based on empathy and insight. Her entrepreneurial spirit also led her to start her own strategic communications agency working with big global brands.

But it was after coming home to New Zealand when she realised something big was brewing. Major transformative changes were converging – climate change, digitisation, globalisation – and Louise saw clearly the environmental repercussions if we kept doing what has always been done. It was time for a new narrative for business.

Not someone who shys away from a challenge, rather a lifelong learner whose philosophy is to ‘love the problem’, Louise took this inkling and ran with it. She literally dropped everything and used the Master of Technological Futures as a springboard to reframe her 20-year career built with creative problem solving, design thinking and collaboration practices, to become a powerful force to help businesses create real lasting positive change. And Circularity, a codesign transformation agency, was born.

It’s this building block journey Louise has taken, a path that hasn’t always been straight forward, that has all added up to where she is now. There’s no question that Louise is on a trajectory to make a massive impact, one that will ripple out across businesses, communities and, hopefully, our entire society.

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