Sara Stratton

Finishing her Masters, “A Māori lens on digital technology”, coupled with the reality of a Covid-19 world, she is convinced that Māori and indigenous values and knowledge are desperately needed to lead the way to new horizons, just as we were ready 180 years ago. Our unchanging ‘ethics’, values of connection, collaboration, sustainability, future-mindedness are what is being looked for in corporations, Governments, individuals, as they look for guidance, and as we all go forward in this 4th Industrial Revolution. Who better to lead the way to harness this mighty technology than those who have harnessing great power in our DNA.

The law gave Sara the education to understand the power of the lawmaker and the tool creator over the lives of people. It helped her understand completely colonisation and to be quick to see when it may happen again. Digital colonisation could be a reality for many more people, but she feels optimistic that if we learn from our mistakes we can use digital technology for our good.


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