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The Tech Futures Lab team is genuinely passionate about learning, teaching and the future. We are a network of approachable, humble, supportive and open-minded people who look at the world from a different angle.

Saskia Verraes, Innovation Advisor

Saskia is a devoted fighter for a better world. One that is socially just, economically inclusive and environmentally restorative.  She has years of experience working on collaborative social efforts with vision and engagement and a real focus on action.

In her last role she was Chief Responsible Management Officer in charge of Global Sustainability, Ethics, Responsibility, Governance and Enterprise Risk at Tourism Holdings Limited. Saskia lends her commitment and energy to initiatives to improve the world through sustainability, social commitment, and responding to need with action which let her to co-found and lead the virtual global non-profit Match4Action in her free time.

Indefatigable, and idea-driven, Saskia challenges and questions until the most efficient systems value solution is reached. She focuses on action and delivery towards the end goal, and is not afraid to make decisions. Saskia is a great advocate for Future-Fit thinking and was the driver behind the world’s first Future-Fit Integrated Report for thl in August 2019.

She also loves to travel and inspire, learn, blog, cook, run, swim and spend time with her husband, stepdaughter and 3 dogs on their almost off the grid lifestyle block in the beautiful Kaipara district.


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