Short Courses

Compact yet power-packed with contemporary knowledge and insight, our Short Courses are ideal for building skills and capabilities to be savvy and strategic about using emerging disruptive technologies and contemporary models.

If you haven’t studied for a while (or ever), these short sharp courses are a fantastic way to dip your toes back into learning.

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Short Courses

Sampler Short Course
Punchy introductions to emerging areas of expertise. Learn at your own pace. Completely free, you can start at any time but you need to complete the course in 2 weeks from the time you begin. You’ll get the fundamentals to the topic so you can evaluate what that means for your job, organisation or industry. 2 weeks, Self-paced, Online, Free
Upskiller Short Course
Gain practical skills and knowledge in emerging areas of expertise to use in your job, organisation or industry. *The Product Management upskilling course is currently only available in-person. Prices vary between courses. 5 or 6 weeks, Self-paced or weekly sessions, Tech Futures /The Mind Lab Learning Badge, Online or in person
Micro-credential Short Course
Gain a recognised NZQA qualification. Delivered through a combination of self-directed learning and weekly live online sessions,7 - 15 weeks, Weekly sessions with self-directed weekly learning. Practice and apply the knowledge and skills you learn through two practical assessments. NZQA Level 8 micro-credential, $450

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