Scholarships, Grants & Funds

The Mind Lab and our partners offer a range of scholarships and awards to assist students with fees and other expenses. To find The Mind Lab scholarships available for you, filter by the programme you are looking to study.

In addition to the scholarships listed there are also other hardships funds and external opportunities that may be helpful for your learning journey.

Please note, these scholarships are applicable for 2021 intakes only. The scholarships for 2022 will be released soon.

The Mind Lab Scholarships

We have scholarships available for the following programmes.


Studylink may be able to help pay for your study through allowances and loans.

Studylink is able to help with:

  • Compulsory course fees
  • Course-related costs (eg, books, laptop, etc)
  • Day-to-day living costs
  • Other costs (eg disability or childcare).

How much you can get depends on your age, income and course type.

Learn more about how Studylink works by visiting their website.

Hardship fund

This fund from the Ministry of Education is intended to support those who have been most impacted by Covid-19 to help keep you in study. Support is available to those who are enrolled or applied to enrol prior to 31st August 2020 (Covid-19) and still enrolled.

To help us understand your situation, please use the form below to discuss how Covid-19 has impacted you.

Hardship could include any change of circumstance such as:

  • Loss of income or any financial stress;
  • Changes in relationship status;
  • Changes in providing care for children or whānau;
  • Changes in accommodation;
  • Changes in reliable transport situation, e.g. car has broken down and currently borrowing mother-in-law’s car;
  • Changes in health.

Please note that we may require evidence supporting your situation. To make an application fill out the Hardship Fund Application Form.