Terms & Conditions

The Mind Lab Education Limited Partnership also trades as Tech Futures Lab. All policies and procedures of The Mind Lab also apply to Tech Futures Lab. Terms and Conditions, Policies and Declarations that relate to The Mind Lab also relate to Tech Futures Lab unless expressly stated otherwise.

The Mind Lab (TML) Student Terms and Conditions (with effect from February 2020)


  1. Depending on the programme or course, fees charged may be one or several of (but not limited to) the following: tuition fees, registration fee, administration fee, etc. Confirmation of enrolment and fees will be provided in the form of an invoice.
  2. For “Fees Free” eligible students: An estimate of any balance payable by the student will be provided at the time of enrolment, and updated once the fees free eligibility / payment is approved. Students eligible for “Fees Free” study who have already paid fees will be refunded as applicable.
  3. For students not eligible for Fees Free: Payment is due 7 days prior to the Programme start date.  Alternatively students must provide TML with evidence that a confirmed Studylink student loan application is in progress, or a relevant scholarship has been approved. In Exceptional Circumstances (as defined in TML Academic Management Policy), payment must be made NO LATER than within 7 days after programme start. Enrolment requirements for a course or programme intake will not be deemed complete unless payment of all required fees has been made and receipted.
  4. Failure to pay any invoice(s) by the due date will result in access to study material and portal (learning management system) being disabled. Further failure means that TML may start formal recovery action to recover unpaid fees. The student will then be liable for costs and expenses (including legal costs, debt collection agent fees, etc.) which may be incurred in the recovery or attempted recovery of the overdue amount. Academic Results for the student will be withheld for any course or programme where fees or any other debt remains unpaid. The student will be prevented from graduating until their debt has been paid in full. The student will also be prevented from re-enrolling in further programmes or courses of study.
  5. Any student who wishes to dispute the fees due must do so within one month of receiving the invoice or statement. A request to review the fees or account balance must be made within this month, in writing to the General Manager. At the discretion of TML, and with just cause, this period may be extended. Once the request is received, the review will be completed within seven (7) working days. Once the review is completed, any outstanding balance is due immediately.
  6. Promo codes (otherwise known as discount codes) should only be used if the user has been authorised to do so. If a promo code has been applied incorrectly or in an unauthorised manner the user will be required to pay back the discount to The Mind Lab. When a promo code discount is validated, no other discounts may be applied. Promo codes may be unique to a single user or limited by the number of unique uses. Promo codes must not be shared or distributed beyond those authorised to receive them. Should you share the promo code it may impact on your ability (or the ability of others) to use that code. If we discover use of a promo code in a manner that is inconsistent with these Terms, we reserve the right to cancel the discount, suspend or block your Account until the applicable price has been paid, or cancel your Account completely.



Enrolment in a programme or course intake is conditional upon and subject to sufficient numbers of students enrolling in a particular intake . Students will normally be offered an opportunity to enrol in an alternative intake, or receive a full refund if TML cancels a scheduled course or programme intake.



The Mind Lab complies with NZQA Student Fee Protection Rules which protect the interests of domestic and international students. The Mind Lab has a Static Trust Account with the NZQA-approved fee protection supplier, Public Trust, that ensures the safe protection of student fees over the value of $500.



  1. Transfers to other intakes and / or programmes are negotiated with the relevant Programme Lead, and approved by the General Manager, National Academic Director and/or National Academic Registrar.
  2. There may be additional fees required or a refund may be due where a transfer is made. Where a student loan has been used to pay fees, the refund will need to be returned to StudyLink and a new loan drawdown for the new programme. When a scholarship has been used to pay the fees, adjustments will be made in accordance with the terms of the scholarship.



  1. The key provisions and terms for withdrawals and refunds from individual TML programmes are summarised in the following withdrawal scenarios.
    1. Withdrawal Scenarios – PG Cert in Digital and Collaborative Learning
    2. Withdrawal Scenarios – Master of Contemporary Education
    3. Withdrawal Scenarios – Master of Technological Futures
    4. Withdrawal Scenarios – PG Cert in Human Potential for the Digital Economy
    5. Withdrawal Scenarios – Digital Skills for the Workplace (Micro-credential)
    6. Withdrawal Scenarios – Postgraduate Certificate in Leading Change for Good
    7. Withdrawal Scenarios – Postgraduate Certificate in Connected Environments
    8. Withdrawal Scenarios – Master of Change and Organisational Resilience
    9. Withdrawal Scenarios – Digital & Collaborative Teaching and Learning (Micro-credential)
    10. Withdrawal Scenarios – Leading Beyond Sustainability (Micro-credential)
    11. Withdrawal Scenarios – Internet of Things for Sustainability (Micro-Credential)
    12. Withdrawal Scenarios – Disruptive Technologies (Micro-Credential)
  2. Students must contact the TML Enrolments Team for any questions. Students who wish to apply for withdrawal must make an application in writing. Verbal notice of withdrawal will not normally be accepted as a student’s intention to withdraw.
  3. Withdrawal is confirmed from the date the written notification is received by TML; the refund / fees outcomes of the withdrawal will be determined by the date the withdrawal is confirmed.
  4. The key dates that relate to withdrawing from courses (Start Date, 10% Date, 75% Date, and End Date) in a programme are identified in the Student Handbooks for each programme.
  5. Any applicable Administration / Registration fee is normally included in the Tuition fee invoiced at the start of the enrolment, but is separated from the fees refund if a student withdraws before the last date for withdrawal with a refund. If a student withdraws before the last date for withdrawal for a refund, they will be liable for any applicable Administration / Registration fee. If a student has already paid fees, this Administration / Registration fee will be deducted from any refund owed to the student.
  6. In case of more than four consecutive weeks of non-attendance in classes, or non-participation in required online activities associated with a programme or course, and no contact with TML, the student may be withdrawn on grounds of abandonment.



If Exceptional Circumstances apply, a student who withdraws after the last dates for refund eligibility have passed, may be eligible for compassionate consideration. The student (or an authorised person acting on behalf of the student) must contact the Enrolments team with details for consideration. In such cases, all decisions of the General Manager are final and cannot be appealed.




Information from applicants collected to process student enrolment with TML may also be disclosed to Government departments as mandated by the Tertiary Education Commission for the purposes of administering NZ’s tertiary education system, developing policy advice for Government and for research purposes, official statistics, or as otherwise required by law. Students have the right to access and correct their personal information that has been collected by TML in accordance with TML Privacy Policy and the Privacy Act 1993. The Privacy Policy applies to information collected from all users of The Mind Lab’s products and services, and covers the collection of personal information, storage, use and disclosure of personal information, cookies and data security, and user access to and correction of personal information.




The Mind Lab Code of Conduct applies to all students, staff members, contractors of TML. The Code outlines expectations for academic and personal conduct; the consequences of misconduct; and processes for complaints and appeals.


Tech Futures Lab is part of The Mind Lab, a NZQA-registered Tertiary Education Organisation under the provisions of the Education Act 1989. Tech Futures Lab postgraduate candidates are enrolled with The Mind Lab which is approved by NZQA to award a range of programmes and micro-credentials.