Web3 for a better future

There’s been a lot of hooha about Web3 lately. But what is it really and why should we be paying attention?

Join us for a panel discussion with people trying out the edge of the new internet.

Wednesday 5th October
7.00pm – 8.30pm
Online event

Event Overview

An evening to get curious about Web3’s potential. 

Jade Tang-Taylor, Creative Social Entrepreneur in her own right and Innovation Director at Tech Futures Lab will facilitate an insightful discussion with three panellists who are exploring the potential for Web3 to foster a more collaborative, decentralised, even more equitable internet.

Join us to discuss if it’s really possible.


Meet the panelists

Grace Clapham

Grace is an entrepreneur, intrapreneur & long standing community builder. Currently the Co-Founder of The Change School, UNTAM3D (APAC’s largest Web3 community for women+) and Director of Community Partnerships APAC for Meta, based in Singapore.
Prior to joining Meta, she spent over ten years building several businesses working within the creative, startup and social innovation sectors. At the same time, she started to create strong ecosystems and communities across the South East Asian region.

She is a Global Inspirational Leaderships Awards Winner thanks to Sir Richard Branson and Steve Wozniak and was one of CMO Asia’s 50 Women Leaders Award for Leadership Excellence recipient, as well as being a judge for the NUS-DBS Social Innovation Challenge, and being on the sub-committee for women entrepreneurs at ACE Singapore.

Outside of work, she loves reading, travelling and yoga.

View Grace’s LinkedIn.

Dan Khan

Dan is the Co-Founder Positive Sum DAO, a new Web 3.0 startup support DAO, consisting of values-aligned startup founders, operators, and community enablers who help people start companies, find talent, and create shared value through collective networks and expertise.

He is a serial digital product founder, with over 25 years’ experience leading & building high-performing venture-backed technology companies & teams at global scale in CTO, CPO, and CDO capacities.

Dan’s career has been built at the intersection of community, Internet technology, & high-growth entrepreneurship.

View Dan’s LinkedIn.

Kriv Naicker

Kriv is Founder and Managing Director of Synaptec – an innovation and strategy advisory organisation for the impact of emerging and disruptive technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Edge Computing, 5G, Ai and Machine Learning, Extended Reality, Drones/ UAVs.

He was instrumental in the formation of the NZ IoT Alliance, served as the first Executive Director and is currently Board Chair. He’s also an industry advisor expert at Tech Futures Lab.

When it comes to web3, Kriv is particularly interested in the ‘Phygital’ space – essentially the bridge between the physical and digital worlds. The objective with phygital is to bring the best parts of physical customer experience into the digital realm and vice versa. It also explores the bridging relationship and integration/ interface between web2 and web3 worlds. Kriv is involved in current projects that are exploring these hybrid web2/ web3 approaches using phygital contexts.

View Kriv’s LinkedIn.

How the event will run

7:00pm: Karakia, haere mai & welcome

7:15pm: Meet the Panel and discover their ‘why’

7:30pm: Question set for the panel

  • Beginning with why: Why is Web3 important to you? Why are you drawn to it?
  • Exploring the potential:  What are the possibilities of a better future using Web3. What are you exploring?
  • Eyes wide open : Where are the current challenges in Web3 development? Where are the big opportunities for Web3 in your sector?

8:00pm: Your turn to discuss. Breakout rooms to ponder, ask questions and ideate 

8:15pm: Regroup to share. Raise reflections or questions discussed in your breakout rooms

8.25pm:Future horizons. Hear what’s next for our panellists and their advice to anyone wanting to learn more and use it to build a better future

8:30pm: Wrap up

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